Portfolio and Skills

Technologies Knowledge

JavaScript,  React,  Context,  HTML,  CSS,  C++,  Java,  PHP,  PostgreSQL,  MySQL, Git CLI,  Jest,  React Testing Library,  Sass, Cypress,  Heroku,  Vim,  IntelliJ,  Visual Studio Code,  NPM,  Yarn,  Lerna,  Gulp

Job Experience


Software Engineer Intern April 2019 to Present

Core Tech: JavaScript, React.js, Jest, React Testing Library, Java, Spring, Docker, Node.js, TypeScript

  • Resolved defects in the application and increased user experience quality with unit tests
  • Improved unit testing coverage, utilizing Jest and React Testing Library, to increase coverage by 13%
  • Coordinated and mentored team of interns to modify the Software Engineering setup environment to improve setup time by over 50%
  • Contribute manual testing efforts to enhance the application quality and ensure customer quality


Web Developer October 2018 to Present

Core Tech: JavaScript, React.js, Jest, React Testing Library, Node.js, Heroku, Git CLI

  • Organized a platform for P.A.V.E.R.S., to be able to connect using Node.js, PostgreSQL, and React.js
  • Developed a web site to help Veterans connect with mentors and help improve their quality of life
  • Directed a team to build a stage for Veterans to connect with Mentors (Pavers)in an effort to reduce the number of veteran suicides in America

School Projects

  • Web Engineering II
    • Mothers Assistant
      • A web application that tracked a child’s feeding and diaper changes.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, EJS, Postgres, Heroku
    • Paper Boy
      • A single page application (SPA) to help assist deliver, track, and edit paper routes.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Postgres, Heroku
  • Web Engineering I
    • Purchasing Cart
      • A program that would keep track of the user’s purchases and user information.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
    • Basic University Website
      • Basic University information and class list.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS
    • Mortgage Calculator
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
      • A mortgage calculator that took user information and calculated the correct monthly payment. The program updated when the user changed any info.
    • Piano Recital Signup
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, PHP
      • A web application that requested user information kept data without using a database.


  • Madlib
    • Based on the classic word game.
  • Calendar
    • A calendar program that would show any month after 1953
  • Monthly Budget
    • A monthly budget
  • Sudoku
    • A game based on math and logic. The game could open and save the game played.
  • Moon Lander
    • Based on the original video game which taught OOP.
  • Astroids
    • Based on the original video game which taught how to handle multiple objects at once using classes and OOP.