Hello, world! I am Joshua Reed; I am a current student at Brigham Young University – Idaho. At BYU-I am studying to become a software engineer and looking forward to building applications that will change the world.

During my studies at BYU-I we have learned mostly how to program in C++ and Java. Making standard programs like Monthly Budget Calculator, Madlib, Sudoku, Asteroids, and containers from the Standard Template Library (STD).

Another part of the Software Engineering degree is to learn and understand web development. For Web Engineering I, I build many different programs that utilize user input. Built a purchasing cart program, University website, and a piano recital program that kept data but did not use a database.
Learning: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JSON, and Ajax

Web Engineering II, I build a Mother Assistant application that dove into PHP deeper than before. Using user sessions to keep people logged in and Postgres database for RDBM on the Heroku platform. After our first project, we dove into utilizing Node.js and Express to build a full JavaScript Single Page Application. I developed a newspaper delivery system. That helped track, edit, and assist in delivering the paper route.

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“Together we can accomplish our dreams because they are necessary.” – Josh