BYU-I Experience 2020

I got an internship at Workfront which forced me to start taking classes online. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to learn remotely. While I started working at Workfront I was also commuting from Rexburg, ID to Lehi, UT. I learned how to study and focus while traveling between these two locations.

I started this first semester with 3 classes while I knew that traveling would take a little bit of the studying time that I normally would have. During my off time from Workfront, I worked on my classes and working on my senior project.

During this time it was difficult. I was away from my family for many days. Facetime with them when able helped but it has built-in me strength that I can accomplish the things I set my mind to do.

2020 Fall Semester

I moved my family to Saratoga Springs, Ut. and started the Fall semester in the same month. Yes, I know I am crazy. I know that I do hard things. I know that I can make the tough call and stick it out. This is who I am. I work extremely hard to accomplish my dreams. This is when and why I created my personal mission.

Together we can accomplish our dreams because they are necessary.

We are here to help each other and to improve the quality of life. During this time I was focused on my family and school and work and I was also helping mentor other students. I was doing code reviews with students that I had met on campus and started a slack so that I could have better communication with them through all of the chaos.

I took 4 classes during my fall semester and learned a lot. Completing my senior project for to help Veterans connect to Mentors (Pavers). This application will help Vets that have needs to connect to Pavers that have skills and desire to help.

2020 Winter Semester

Finishing BYU-I has taught me how to push through and accomplish my dreams. At the time of writing this, I have 19 more days before graduation. The world is falling apart around us but I am pushing forward to accomplish my dream. Taking five classes that are the hardest classes in the Software Engineering required classes to take have been enlightening while also working at Workfront. I see the connection that the school system is trying to teach. While understanding that I am in control of my fate.


BYU-I has been the best decision to attend and finish in my life. Learning how to learn, learning that I can accomplish my dreams, learning how to help others to improve their lives. Has improved my own quality of life. The understanding that I have is that I can and will improve the next opportunity that I work on so that it will improve the people that application was created for. Thanks for reading.

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“Together we can accomplish our dreams because they are necessary.” – Josh

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