Portfolio and Skills

Technologies Knowledge

JavaScript,  React,  Context,  HTML,  CSS,  C++,  Java,  PHP,  PostgreSQL,  MySQL, Git CLI,  Jest,  React Testing Library,  Sass, Cypress,  Heroku,  Vim,  IntelliJ,  Visual Studio Code,  NPM,  Yarn,  Lerna,  Gulp

Professional Experience

Software Engineer February 2021 to Present

Core Tech: React.js, JavaScript, Java, React Testing Library, Python, Selenium, DataDog
⊳ Modernized Agile Scrum and Kanban boards to increase stability and user experiences
⊳ Led development of Datadog dashboards, cloud monitoring, and synthetic monitoring to provide
visualization and alerts for system stability
⊳ Prepared Agile service to be converted into Microservice by pulling API’s out of JSP pages

Software Engineer I, Automation & Testing May 2020 to February 2021
Workfront an Adobe Company Lehi, UT

Core Tech: Python, Pytest, Java, Selenium, DataDog
⊳ Implemented a UI for a request queue email, reducing processing from five minutes to ten seconds
⊳ Led Datadog dashboards, monitoring, and synthetic monitoring to provide visualization and alerts of
system stability
⊳ Improved unit testing coverage for announcements, notifications, request queue email, and email,
utilizing pytest suite and selenium test suite
⊳ Designed test plan for request queue email to promote system stability by defining were unit,
integration, API, and End to end tests should be written

Software Engineer Intern April 2019 to May 2020
Core Tech: JavaScript, React.js, Jest, React Testing Library, Java
⊳ Resolved defects in the application and increased user experience quality with unit tests
⊳ Improved unit testing coverage, utilizing Jest and React Testing Library, to increase coverage by 13%
⊳ Coordinated and mentored a team of interns to modify the Software Engineering setup environment to
decrease setup time by over 50%


Web Developer October 2018 to Present

Core Tech: JavaScript, React.js, Jest, React Testing Library, Node.js, Heroku, Git CLI

  • Organized a platform for P.A.V.E.R.S., to be able to connect using Node.js, PostgreSQL, and React.js
  • Developed a web site to help Veterans connect with mentors and help improve their quality of life
  • Directed a team to build a stage for Veterans to connect with Mentors (Pavers)in an effort to reduce the number of veteran suicides in America

School Projects

  • Web Engineering II
    • Mothers Assistant
      • A web application that tracked a child’s feeding and diaper changes.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, EJS, Postgres, Heroku
    • Paper Boy
      • A single page application (SPA) to help assist deliver, track, and edit paper routes.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Postgres, Heroku
  • Web Engineering I
    • Purchasing Cart
      • A program that would keep track of the user’s purchases and user information.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
    • Basic University Website
      • Basic University information and class list.
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS
    • Mortgage Calculator
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
      • A mortgage calculator that took user information and calculated the correct monthly payment. The program updated when the user changed any info.
    • Piano Recital Signup
      • Core Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, PHP
      • A web application that requested user information kept data without using a database.


  • Madlib
    • Based on the classic word game.
  • Calendar
    • A calendar program that would show any month after 1953
  • Monthly Budget
    • A monthly budget
  • Sudoku
    • A game based on math and logic. The game could open and save the game played.
  • Moon Lander
    • Based on the original video game which taught OOP.
  • Astroids
    • Based on the original video game which taught how to handle multiple objects at once using classes and OOP.